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On behalf of the Government of Qatar, the Qatar D Block and Royal Dutch Shell Group (Shell) and the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) signed a new exploration and production sharing agreement.

The agreement signed in Doha, Qatar, three signatories were Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry Epudula the Hamad Al? Attiyah Excellency, the Netherlands Fu, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell Group Competition, the International Petroleum Investment Co., Ltd. Chief Accountant Zhao.

According to the agreement, the three parties will jointly co-D block natural gas exploration. D block distribution of a total of 8089 square kilometers land in Kataerhai within, close to Ras Laffan City.

D block mining exploration concession goal is to pre-Khuff (Peucedanum husband formation) geological layers. The overlying Khuff (Khufu group) layer contains large northern gas field. D Block license extends to the northern part of the underlying field.

This agreement is valid for a total of 30 years, including the first exploration period of five years. In the first exploration period, Shell and China Petroleum exploration will be conducted technical studies, two-dimensional and three-dimensional seismic data acquisition, processing, re-processing and interpretation, and play operations such as exploration wells.

Shell as operator, will hold 75% stake, while China Petroleum holds 25% of the shares. Exploration and evaluation

If successful, Shell and China Petroleum and Qatar Petroleum will be under the supervision of the exploitation of natural gas. Under the agreement, Qatar Petroleum will buy all the D block may be output of natural gas. His Excellency the Minister

Attiyah said: "This new agreement is part of the plan, Qatar Petroleum, the plan seeks to implement the Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa the Ale His Highness's wise policy and direction, an increase of their carbon

Hydrogen resource reserves to enhance oil and gas production potential, and further enhance the economic strength of Qatar. This is the Qatar gas reservoir exploration and pre-Khuff target signed the second agreement. Qatar Petroleum also prepared the recent pre-Khuff gas exploration tenders again. Shell is the development of Qatar's proven natural gas resources of the main investors. I am very pleased that Shell has now invested in exploration. I welcome the Chinese investment in oil to Qatar. "

Fu tournament, said: "We are co-operation with Qatar Petroleum, two large projects?? Pearl GTL project (PearlGTL) and Qatar Liquefied Natural Gas 4 project (Qatargas4) development of a large part of Qatar's proven natural gas resources volume. I'm glad we now have the opportunity, together with the China Petroleum and natural gas exploration for new resources to help promote the economic development of Qatar. The agreement made full use of Shell in the area pre-Khuff formation of experience and exploration of oil in Qatar in Qatar unparalleled expertise. "

Mr. Zhao Dong said: "I am pleased that we established with Qatar Petroleum and Shell, the cooperation between domestic business being an extension of Qatar. China is an important downstream market, China's oil very much like the main resources of Qatar this country upstream partnership. "
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Shell, China To Sign New Oil Exploration And Production Sharing Agreements - Shell, Petrochina - The

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This article was published on 2010/10/31