Pipelines Make Great Oil Jobs

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Petroleum jobs entail a great many things aside from just drilling for oil or finding it. Geologists, environmentalists, pipeline walkers, computer programmers, and computer technicians also have a place in petroleum production. Given the higher level of technology that is being used in Petroleum production, the means of getting it to the surface requires more skilled and technical people than it ever has before.

Pipelines are used to get more than sixty percent of our oil to the place where it will be refined today. In fact, there are more pipeline miles in the the United States than there are roadways for the America people to drive on. More than 22 thousand miles of pipelines criss-cross the United States. Each one requires computer technology to use it and make the oil run to where it needs to go.

Each one also requires workers such as pipeline walkers who are given the position of walking the nearly endless miles of pipeline that is carrying petroleum products to market and to assure that they are not clogged, haven't ceased operations, and are still pumping adequately. The pipeline walker may also be required to fix small breaks or puncture leaks in the pipeline if any exist. Pipeline walkers or workers may also provide other support functions such as testing pumping stations that dot the area to assure good delivery of the oil.

Refinery workers are also known as petroleum production workers. Petroleum jobs in the refinery range from highly skilled chemists, down to those who learn their job by on the job training in areas such as refinery operations, loading, delivery and many other areas.

Refinery work can be highly skilled and highly detail oriented, or may in fact be another of the entry level petroleum jobs that provides the worker with OJT and helps them to move up the corporate ladder by teaching more than one job or skill.

Petroleum jobs can certainly be oil rig or deep gas well jobs, but in today's industry, when you say that you work in petroleum production you could be someone who works in one of a hundred different jobs that are necessary in order to attain getting the oil out of the ground and all the way to the marketplace where the consumer buys it for use.

The petroleum jobs are booming and getting into them today is merely a matter of having just a few skills and getting those applications in to the companies who need you most.

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Pipelines Make Great Oil Jobs

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This article was published on 2010/10/22